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An online space for women to cultivate their own embodiment & live empowered in the way of the womb

Yoni Temple Membership

Who is this for?

The Yoni Temple Online Membership was created by Yoni Temple School for womxn who desire belonging within an earth-rich sisterhood of womxn who rise together by continuously deepening their embodiment of their wildest, richest, most energetically and soul-aligned essence; or as we like to call it - your medicine.

The Yoni Temple Membership is for you if... 

- You are the womxn who is here to shake things up & disrupt the patterns and beliefs of those whom came before you which keep you small and our planet sick.

- You're here to continuously remember your greatness and reclaim the parts of you shamed into silence that you know once broken free, will heal the blocks which hinder your greatness & will magnetize your highest desires to your physical reality.

- You're here to show up, shine light on your shadows, unravel the old ways, & have sacred FUN creating the life, expression, & relationships you dream of.

- You're here to be deeply, intimately connected to your womb + heart + body + the earth & all of nature.

- You're here to know fully the sacred power held within your cycles, sensing your unique rhythms & living guided by the wild wisdom held within your body.

- You're here to hold and be held in a community of womxn that keep each other accountable, inspired, supported, vulnerable & in check with your heart-centered, womb-powered Truth. 

In this sacred sisterhood community, womxn rise together. 

You'll Have Access To:

Weekly Live Amba Movement Classes
Feminine Embodied Movement exploring luscious sensuality, earth connection, and empowered strength.

Embodiment & Womb Empowerment 
**Bounus- Exclusive access to a library of empowering workshops and courses in Plant Spirit Medicine, Movement Medicine, Sacred Sensuality, Womb Healing & Empowerment, Menstrual Reverence, and more.

 Full Moon Circles 
Sisterhood gatherings infused with movement, ritual, womb empowerment, and community sharing.

Sacred Sistership of Medicine Sisters
We are here to do the work alongside one another and RISE together. Womxn of all walks of life who want to cultivate their medicine and connect with sisters are welcomed into this space.

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